Welcome to Adelaide Carburettor Service

With decades of experience not just with engine performance but race-bred vehicles, Dave and Dave are well versed when it comes to getting that last bit of power out of a vehicle. Our range of engine services will optimise your vehicle’s performance and fuel consumption.


Carburettor Services

A vehicle’s carburettor blends air and fuel into an ideal mixture for engine combustion, striking a balance between optimal performance and minimal fuel consumption. While this process has largely be superseded by more modern fuel injection systems, vintage models still require proper maintenance of your vehicle’s carburettor.

Adelaide Carburettor Service is your local expert for older vehicles with fuel or performance issues. We can repair or replace your vehicle’s carby, recondition older units and tune it to your specifications, giving you your ideal balance between power and fuel economy.

To find out more about what we can do for your classic engine, talk to one of our experts today!

Engine Repairs

In addition to our carburettor work we also offer a host of other engine repairs, including:

  • rebuilding and reconditioning petrol and common-rail diesel engines
  • fuel injector cleaning
  • fuel pump maintenance and repairs

If you have engine trouble, or would like help improving your vehicle’s performance, get in touch with us for a booking today.